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Renewed Research and Extension Objectives Support a Thriving Beef Sector

Strategic and collaborative investments in research and technology transfer bolster the Canadian beef sector’s leadership in responsibly meeting rising global food production needs. Today, the Beef Cattle Research Council and its industry partners released a renewed five-year strategy to help target funding toward achieving highpriority beef research and extension objectives.  

The Five-Year Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy supports increasing productivity while building upon the sector’s leadership in environmental, social and economic sustainability. It builds upon the success of previous iterations and complements the National Beef Strategy’s ambitious 10-year goals 

The five-year research and extension strategy provides a framework for achieving national coordination of beef research priorities, funding and technology transfer efforts. It identifies desired research and extension outcomes related to feed efficiency and utilization, forage and grassland productivity, environmental sustainability, animal health, welfare and antimicrobial resistance, beef quality and food safety. It is intended to guide investments of the BCRC and other Canadian beef research funding agencies for the most efficient use of limited funding. It also encourages greater collaboration across funding agencies through a portfolio approach to research investments, ensuring key research, capacity and extension priorities are addressed in a coordinated manner.  

The Strategy was developed for and by a broad range of producers, researchers, extension specialists, government, funding agencies and other industry stakeholders. Led by the Beef Cattle Research Council, input was gathered through various means including direct stakeholder consultation, an online survey and several online workshops.

Five-Year Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy July 2010Overview of Five-Year Canadian Beef Research & Technology Transfer Strategy
Full DocumentFive-Year Canadian Beef Research & Technology Transfer StrategyOverview: Five-Year Canadian Beef Research & Technology Transfer Strategy

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