Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy

Canadian Beef Research & Technology Transfer Strategy

The Five-Year Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy provides a framework for achieving national coordination of beef research priorities, funding and technology transfer efforts. 

It identifies key research and technology transfer priorities to maximize benefits obtained from investments in beef research and extension. It directly supports the industry’s 10-year goals and improved productivity in a sustainable manner with targeted outcomes.  

The Strategy was developed for and by a broad range of producers, researchers, extension specialists, government, funding agencies and other industry stakeholders. Led by the Beef Cattle Research Council, input was gathered through various means including direct stakeholder consultation, an online survey and several online workshops. 

Core Research & Technology Transfer Principles

The beef industry has defined several overarching core principles for the renewed Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy under which more specific outcomes are established: 

  1. Increase producer profitability by increasing productivity or decreasing costs of production and risks.  
  2. Develop, enhance and encourage adoption of beneficial practices and innovations that maximize the environmental benefits industry provides and continue to reduce our environmental footprint, while supporting industry competitiveness.   
  3. Support continuous improvements in Canadian beef demand through advancements in the quality and safety of Canadian beef. 
  4. Generate science to inform decision makers, policy, best management practices and support consumer confidence and public trust.   
  5. Develop, enhance and encourage adoption of leading-edge technologies that support industry competitiveness, automation and sustainability.  
  6. Ensure the maintenance and rejuvenation of critical research capacity and infrastructure that facilitate proactive inquiry and innovation to support industry advancement.  

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