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The BCRC's Top 10 Posts of 2022

There are hundreds of timely beef and forage articles, interactive production calculators, videos, webinars and other resources available through Over the past year, the Beef Cattle Research Council developed more than 60 practical, science-based posts to help producers make informed decisions.  

While the BCRC is continually looking ahead to address emerging needs and opportunities in the beef industry, it is always worth reflecting at year’s end to review what has resonated most with our audience.  The following are our 10 most popular posts of 2022: 

swath grazing cattle
Photo courtesy of Terri Mappin.

#10: Right-Size Your Cow Herd

In September, the BCRC posted a two-part series on how to help identify the right herd size and cow size for a beef operation. To underscore that this is not a “one size fits all” situation, two producers shared their experiences with “right-sizing” their herds.  

newborn calf and cow on snow

#9: Calf Vaccines Protect Your Investments

Beef cattle producer surveys suggest that 5 to 8% of calves typically die before weaning. This post from January reviews research that suggests vaccines are an effective way to strengthen the immune system in newborn calves, with pay-offs at weaning time. 

record keeping for beef producers

#8: A Guide to Keeping Records that Help Make Profitable Decisions

As the calendar turned to 2022, beef producers were looking back on what went well and setting goals for the upcoming season. This popular post highlighted how to measure and use key cow-calf production data.

#7: Tightening the Calving Season – How to Increase Profitability Through Calving Distribution

In February, the BCRC launched this post and video promoting the BCRC Value of Calving Distribution Calculator which allows producers to review their herd’s current calving distribution and the economic benefits of a shortened calving season.  

Photo courtesy of Andrea Haywood-Farmer.

#6: Rebuild & Recover – Two Producers Share Their Experiences with Fire and Drought

In the aftermath of the challenging environmental conditions of 2021, these producer profiles were impactful and inspirational, demonstrating the resilience and ingenuity of Canadian beef producers. 

#5: Bull Power – How to Calculate the True Value of a Herd Sire

Bull selection is a key decision for cow-calf producers that have implications for both short- and long-term profitability. This popular post and video launched in February helped producers estimate the value of a bull using the BCRC Bull Valuation Calculator.  

feeding hay to beef cattle in winter

#4: What Are Profitable Farms Doing? Observations from the Canadian Cow-Calf Cost of Production Network

This article from October explored benchmarking trends for cow-calf production systems across Canada. Profitable farms within the COP Network tend to have more cows, smaller cows and lower costs per cow. 

cattle herd grazing green pasture

#3: Two Methods, Four Steps for Calculating Carrying Capacity

Calculating carrying capacity helps establish a stocking rate that balances the forage demands of a herd while encouraging the sustained health of grassland resources. This post from March explores two measuring methods used in the BCRC Carrying Capacity Calculator

truck with stop sign

#2: Updated Livestock Transport Regulations and What You Need to Know

Just as changes to Transport of Animals Regulations became actively enforced this spring, the BCRC posted practical tips on categorizing animals fit for transport, record keeping for transporters, required feed and rest times, and contingency planning. 

do not hang calves upside down to help breathe

#1: 7 Tips to Remember This Calving Season

By far, the most accessed content of the year was the BCRC’s #Calf911 posts, videos and checklists. This popular article included links to each of the videos and posts in the Calf 911 series, plus additional calving resources to help set producers and calves up for success.   

More Top BCRC Content

The BCRC team is planning even more practical, science-based resources for beef producers in the new year. Comment below with topics and tools you’d like to see in 2023.  

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