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Strategies to Restore Riparian Zones: New Video

Riparian zones (the area between land and a river or stream) are important to maintain because of the many services they provide. Keeping the riparian zones in your rangeland healthy can reward you with increased forage production, reduced flood damage, and a reliable water source for your livestock, among other benefits.

In the previous episode of the Beef Research School, we covered riparian assessment – how to determine if you’ve got a healthy green zone. In this episode Ken Lewis, conservation coordinator with Red Deer County, describes the top strategies to improve and maintain riparian health. He also offers some ideas on where producers can find financial support for the costs associated with making changes like adding riparian fencing and off-site watering systems.

See the video here.

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Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of the Beef Research School, which will soon cover topics like how to assess the heath of your rangeland, what you need to know about trichomoniasis and vibriosis, and planning your vaccination program. Past episodes covered forage rejuvenation, maximizing forage acres, and biosecurity for beef cattle. For more information on the Beef Research School, visit

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