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Save Costs by Fine-Tuning Mineral Supplementation: Two New Videos

If animals’ mineral needs are not met, the results are costly, including decreased performance, disease resistance and reproduction. Mineral requirements for cattle depend on their weight, age, and expected performance (maintenance vs. weight gain vs. pregnancy) and mineral supplementation needs also depend on the feed, water and soil chemistry around the herd.

The two latest episodes of the Beef Research School feature Dr. John McKinnon, Beef Industry Research Chair and professor and researcher of cattle nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. In part one, Dr. McKinnon explains the symptoms of mineral deficiency, how to choose a mineral feeding program that suits your herd, the economic advantage of investing in supplements, and tips for preventing over or under-consumption.

See Part 1 of 2 here.

Part two discusses how to respond to breeding cows’ changing mineral needs during the year, as well as mineral-to-mineral interactions to be cautious of.

See Part 2 of 2 here.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of the Beef Research School, which will soon cover rangeland assessments and deadstock disposal. Past episodes covered vaccination programs, trich and vibrio, and riparian zone assessment and restoration. More information on the Beef Research School.

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Larry PaskoMarch 17, 2015

We raise Charolais..our feeding program is mainly hay and pasture for our mature cows is this enough for them to reach their growth potential? Also for keep over heifers what should we be doing. Thank you.


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Beef ResearchMarch 20, 2015

Hi Larry,

I'd recommend contacting your regional livestock specialist with those questions. If you're in Alberta, call the Ag-Info Centre: 310-FARM (3276). For Saskatchewan, contact the Ag Knowledge Centre at 1-866-457-2377 or I'm afraid I don't know the other provinces' contact info off by heart, but a Google search should find it if you're in another province.

BCRC Beef Extension Coordinator


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