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Are Your Farm Records Working for You?

Enroll in the Cow-Calf Record-Keeping Course

cow-calf record-keeping course animal health & performance

Farm managers make decisions every day. The results of these decisions may be obvious in the short term, while other outcomes can take much longer to recognize.

Farm records can improve data tracking and increase confidence when making daily management decisions. However, starting or upgrading farm records can feel overwhelming.  

The BCRC has launched its first online course to help producers strengthen their farm record skills. This free, six-part email course will help turn information into action, as you learn how to collect and save data so that it can be analyzed and used to make better-informed decisions.  

  • Lesson 1: Evaluating Your Record-Keeping Systems 
  • Lesson 2: The GOLD Standards of Record-Keeping 
  • Lesson 3: Animal Health and Treatment Records 
  • Lesson 4: Body Condition Scoring and Calving Distribution 
  • Lesson 5: Tracking Cow-to-Bull Ratio and More 
  • Lesson 6: Sorting Cow-Calf Records Based on Management Groups or Individual Identification 
animal health treatment records

Course content will be emailed in digestible bites every few days. It will provide a brief overview with links to supporting information.

The first subject will focus on animal health and performance and will include topics such as health treatments, weaning weights, individual identification and more. Future courses set to launch later this year will include forage and grasslands, genetics and financial information.  

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Dan MurphyMay 26, 2023

I signed up for your cow-calf record keeping course. I received lessons 2 & 3. I did not receive lesson 1. Would it be possible for you to send me lesson 1?


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Beef Research3June 23, 2023

Hi Dan, we have sent lesson 1 to your inbox.


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