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Calf 911 Checklists – Easy Access to Calving Management Tips 

cow and calves on straw
newborn calf recovery
The basis for these checklists are the four instalments of the Calf 911 video series including: Calf Resuscitation and the calf recovery position (shown above), How to Tube Feed a Newborn Calf, Colostrum Management and How to Spot Dehydration.

Technology is an amazing tool and having information at our fingertips in every situation has become the norm. But when you are in the barn and your hands are otherwise occupied, accessing a screen is just not practical. With that in mind, the BCRC has developed some new, practical options for producers to access vital information from the Calf 911 series in an easily accessible format.

Calf 911 checklists with practical management tips have been printed on a durable cardstock and are currently available to producers through veterinary clinics across Canada. The 8.5″x11″ checklists are perfect for posting on the calving barn wall and are easy to read and reference when you need quick and accurate information.  

These checklists are also available for download and printing at home via the following links:

QR codes are included on each poster for easy access to the Calf 911 videos.

calf recovery position checklist
Click to enlarge Calf Recovery poster
colostrum management checklist
Click to enlarge Colostrum Management poster
tube esophageal feeding checklist
Click to enlarge Tube Feeding envelope
calf dehydration checklist
Click to enlarge Calf Dehydration envelope
Calf 911 checklists posted on calving barn wall with calving jack and calving tools

These resources are meant to be shared. The BCRC encourages producers, producer groups, educators, extension agents, 4-H leaders and anyone with an interest in calving management strategies to distribute these checklists at meetings and among your peers. The envelope size is suitable for use in mail outs, and links to the electronic files located on can be included in digital publications and newsletters.  

Regardless of whether you are an experienced multigenerational operation or a first generation start up, knowledge of all these topics is crucial to a successful calving season. Research on calf care continues to evolve and it is vital to stay current on the best practices to ensure a lively and vigorous calf crop. 

For more information be sure to visit the Calving & Calf Management page, and stay tuned for new calving resources coming soon! 

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