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New Video: Celebrating 25 Years of Beef Industry Research

BCRC: 25 years of advancement through science

This year, the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) celebrates 25 years as Canada’s national industry-led funding agency for beef, cattle and forage research. A new video has been released to acknowledge the milestone achievement and features some of the key individuals of the BCRC’s past to present.  

In the initial development of the BCRC, industry input was becoming more valuable in making research funding decisions. “The story of BCRC is one of evolution,” says Rob McNabb, BCRC manager (1998-2006). “We started with some very small projects. . . . We were a minor player in the funding game, but governments and research institutions were beginning to recognize the beef cattle industry needed to be at the table for funding decisions.”  

One of the greatest advances for beef industry research in Canada was the allocation of a portion of the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off toward the funding of research. “The national check-off was able to support the BCRC,” says Stan Eby, BCRC chair (1999-2001). “One of our concerns from day one was how do we get that information to producers across Canada.”

Since the beginning, funding decisions have been made by the producer council, representing provincial cattle organizations from across the country. “We have a really diverse group of producers on our research council that want to be there, that want to read research proposals . . . and they’re really passionate about what they’re doing,” says BCRC Executive Director Andrea Brocklebank.  

Over the next several months, articles, videos and other media will be released to celebrate 25 years of check-off dollars advancing research in the beef sector. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our new Instagram to stay up to date on the 25th anniversary celebrations!  

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