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Trends in Consumer Perceptions About Beef

This Country Called Agriculture, a television show focused on agribusiness topics in Canada, recently aired an episode focused on trends in consumer perceptions about beef.  Host Rob Eirich interviewed BCRC’s Science Director Dr. Reynold Bergen on a number of issues related to the production and food safety of Canadian beef.

The first of four segments responds to common perceptions about the food safety and nutrition of beef, and begins a discussion about antibiotic use in cattle.

Segment two continues with the topic of antimicrobials, including the types and amounts used in cattle production compared to human medicine, and talks about the use of antimicrobials for growth promotion.

In the third segment, Dr. Bergen discusses how Canada can avoid the same type of legislation that led to concerning, unintended consequences in antimicrobial use in Denmark.

The final segment addresses questions about the use of hormone implants in cattle and irradiation technology on beef, and whether consumers can be confident in the food safety of the Canadian beef supply.

This episode aired November 19, 2013 on Channel 129 (O-Net) and is also available on the Video on Demand site at

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