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Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation Established

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April 27, 2015

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) today introduced a new award that honors outstanding researchers for their contribution to the competitiveness and sustainability of the Canadian beef industry. The Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation will publically recognize scientists and academics that are actively involved in strong research programs aligned with industry priorities, continually engage with industry stakeholders, and demonstrate their passion and long-term commitment through leadership, teamwork, and mentorship.

“We recognize that researchers have options, within and outside of agriculture. They can focus their energy on exploring any number of questions,” said Tim Oleksyn, BCRC Chair and producer from Shellbrook, SK. “Those of us who make a living on beef production are very grateful to those who choose to answer questions and take leadership in finding the solutions of greatest priority and value to the industry.”

Nominations for the 2015 award are now being accepted by the BCRC and must be submitted no later than July 27, 2015. The first recipient will be announced in Fall 2015. The nomination form is available on

To be eligible, individuals must have been actively involved in research or programs that benefited the Canadian beef industry within the past 5 years related to economics, production competitiveness, animal health and welfare, beef quality or safety, environmental stewardship, social license, or technology transfer.

The Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation will be awarded by the BCRC each year on behalf of Canada’s beef industry stakeholders, including 68,500 cattle producers.

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) plays an important role in identifying and funding research of priority to the Canadian beef cattle industry to advance its competitiveness and sustainability. The BCRC manages the research allocation of the national check-off and funds leading edge research through Canada’s Beef Cattle Industry Science Cluster.

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For further information, contact:

Tracy Herbert
Beef Extension Coordinator
Beef Cattle Research Council
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