Weed and Brush Control in Pastures

Healthy and productive pastures are the foundation of a successful and sustainable beef cattle operation. When weeds and brush spread into hay fields, rangelands and pastures, desirable forage species are replaced, reducing productivity and profitability.

Pastures can be impacted by annual, biennial and perennial weeds, and each region across Canada will have different weeds that are problematic.

Weeds can be introduced through many ways including:

  • purchasing feed such as baled hay, greenfeed, or straw that contains weed seeds
  • seed distribution by wind (e.g., kochia or baby’s breath)
  • flooding that carries seeds onto a pasture (e.g. red bartsia)
  • in contaminated soil or gravel
  • animals returning from weed-infested pastures that bring back weed seeds in their manure.

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