Methods of deadstock disposal to reduce predation: Webinar November 17

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Disposal of cattle mortalities needs to be done soon after death to prevent the spread of disease, prevent contamination of air or ground water, and to help reduce the chance of predation. There are many methods to dispose of deadstock, each with pros and cons.

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How to dispose of cattle mortalities: new video

How best to dispose of dead cattle is an important question. Some methods are better than others at controlling the spread of disease and preventing contamination of air or ground water.  After the advent of BSE in Canada, disposal through traditional channels such as rendering has become more expensive, and in some cases less available.

This episode of the Beef Research School features Dr. Kim Stanford, a researcher with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. The pros and cons of various alternatives for disposal of cattle mortalities are explained to help you decide which method might work best on your operation.  Dr. Stanford also explains how to start composting dead cattle any time of year. Continue reading