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Ontario Cow-Calf Survey Deadline Extended

ontario cow-calf production survey

Ontario cow-calf producers, if you have not yet filled out the Ontario Cow-Calf Production Survey, you now have until May 31st.

The survey is 76 questions in length and should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If at any time, you do not wish to answer a question you may leave it unanswered. If you don’t have an exact date or number for any of the questions asked, a best-estimate will suffice.


Every Ontario cow-calf producer is encouraged to complete the survey.

The purpose of the overall project is to gain a better understanding of the management practices, economics, disease rates and rate of technology adaptation on Ontario cow-calf farms and determine how well Ontario producers compete in a global economy. For example, results from the survey will enable Ontario producers to compare themselves with other operations in their region or province on matters like conception rate and weaning weight.

The Ontario Cow-Calf Production Survey is being conducted by researchers at the University of Guelph, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Beef Farmers of Ontario, and the Beef Cattle Research Council. Questions in this survey have been adapted and will be comparable to answers from the Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey conducted in 2014, allowing comparison from east to west.

For more information or to request a hard-copy be mailed to you, please contact:
Gillian Greaves
MSc. Candidate
University of Guelph
Tel: 519-824-4120 ext. 58813

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