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Bov-Innovation Workshop to Provide Beef Producers with a Unique Extension Experience

News Release
June 1, 2016

Calgary, AB – The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) is pleased to help power a new extension event for producers, titled Bov-Innovation. Bov-Innovation will be held as part of the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference, which will take place from August 9-11, 2016 at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino in Calgary, Alberta.

“The BCRC has a great track record of sharing meaningful science-based information to Canada’s beef producers online and in print, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to partner on this in-person session,” explained Tim Oleksyn, a cow-calf producer based out of Shellbrook, SK and the Chair of BCRC. “Bov-Innovation will bring leading research and expertise to producers in a unique format that encourages producer participation,” Oleksyn added.

Canadian Beef Industry Conference

Bov-Innovation will feature innovative and emerging production practices that feedlot and cow-calf operators may want to consider implementing in their operations. The session format itself will be engaging and unlike mainstream producer events, with experts delivering information in a fast-paced lightning-round style. The audience will be able to choose between six topics presented during two concurrent sessions and participants will be able to discuss the recommendations with presenters and fellow producers. The BCRC will provide additional resources to producers on-site.

Bov-Innovation will take place on August 10 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm and include sessions lead by industry leaders with input from producers who are actively incorporating some of the featured practices on their own operations. Topics will include:

  • The economic benefits associated with preconditioning, as presented by Brenna Grant of Canfax Research Services, with Dr. Oliver Schunicht sharing his producer perspective on why he chooses to precondition.
  • Using cover crops to maximize soil health while providing forage for grazing cattle, as shared by Dr. Jill Clapperton of Rhizoterra.
  • Antimicrobial usage and resistance and effective prevention measures, as discussed by Dr. Cody Creelman of Veterinary Agri-Health Services.
  • The increasing challenge of sustainable internal parasite management in beef cattle, as presented by Dr. John Gilleard of the University of Calgary.
  • Pain management methods and techniques, as explained by Dr. John Campbell with Tamara Carter providing a producer perspective.
  • Demystifying genomic selection tools, as covered in a tag-team presentation by Dr. John Crowley of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council and Dr. Kim McLean, the provincial beef specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

“There is so much value in collaborating with other stakeholders and beef industry partners who are organizing the first Canadian Beef Industry Conference. Bov-innovation will be just one important part of this comprehensive and worthwhile national event,” Oleksyn added.

This unique extension event is possible because of funding through the National-Check-Off and the Beef Science Cluster, and collaboration with other industry stakeholders through the National Beef Strategy and the organizing committee of the Canadian Beef Industry Conference. For more information, visit the Canadian Beef Industry Conference’s Website.

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