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Agriculture Census Responses Help Direct Research Priorities and Funding

In early May, all beef producers will be receiving their Census of Agriculture questionnaire. This is your chance to influence future government policy and funding. The Canadian government uses the results of the census to inform the direction of and evaluate agriculture policy.

The results obtained from the census are very valuable to the Canadian beef industry because they identify emerging trends, issues, opportunities and weaknesses within the industry. The results are also used by universities, agribusinesses, and funding agencies to direct investment decisions, research programs, conduct market research, and inform other decision making processes.

This year the Census questionnaire is shorter and available online, streamlining the process and reducing the amount of time it takes to complete.

The information you provide is very valuable to direct future policy and research in the beef industry and the Agriculture industry as a whole. This May, please take the time to accurately fill out your Census of Agriculture questionnaire to help provide an accurate snapshot of what is going on within the Canadian agriculture industry.

Click for more information on the 2016 census.

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