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Attention Institutions: BCRC Call for Expressions of Interest for Research Capacity

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from leading research institutions for the development and maintenance of research capacity. The deadline is May 21, 2024 at 11:59 PM MT.

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A shortage of scientific experts and research capacity in some areas of beef, cattle and forage research hinders priority research that supports improvements in productivity and profitability and response to emerging issues. To fill these gaps, the BCRC is exploring options to develop and maintain Research Capacity in key areas with investment of Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off funding in partnership with other funders.

Potential positions could include:

  • Research Chair: a new, long-term position that will build on existing strengths and add incremental research capacity to the Canadian beef industry
  • Transitional Funding: funding to establish a short-term bridging position that will allow a retiring researcher to train a qualified candidate to take over their existing position
  • Start-up Funds: funds to attract new researchers to vacant positions by providing start-up funding to develop their research program
  • Other: innovative ideas for developing research capacity are welcome

To procure the strongest opportunities for capacity development and encourage matching investments, a breadth of concepts to develop and maintain research capacity will be considered through an open call for Expressions of Interest. The BCRC welcomes EOIs that work towards the achievement of its core research objectives:

  • Increase producer profitability by increasing productivity or decreasing costs of production and risks
  • Develop, enhance and encourage adoption of beneficial practices and innovations that maximize the environmental benefits industry provides and continue to reduce our environmental footprint, while supporting industry competitiveness
  • Support continuous improvements in Canadian beef demand through advancements in the quality and safety of Canadian beef
  • Generate science to inform decision makers, policy and best management practices and to support consumer confidence and public trust
  • Develop, enhance and encourage adoption of leading-edge technologies that support industry competitiveness, automation and sustainability
  • Ensure the maintenance and rejuvenation of critical research capacity and infrastructure that facilitate proactive inquiry and innovation to support industry advancement

Applications must include explanations of how the position will align with the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy, and how the proposed position will include industry-focused research and extension efforts within their research program.

The BCRC will consider EOIs for developing and maintaining research capacity provided a clear outline of the structure of the position and a solid plan for institutional support and procurement of matching funding.

The intended start date for a position funded through this call will be July 2025, unless clear justification for an alternate date is provided and accepted by the BCRC. The interval between BCRC funding decisions and position start date is intended to allow time for necessary matching funds to be procured.

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