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The Beef Cattle Research Council strives for excellence in the production of Canadian beef and forage through research, innovation and extension.


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  • Mai 29, 2024Optimizing Pasture Health: A Practical Guide to Implementing “Take Half, Leave Half” Grazing ▶️Continue de Lire
  • Mai 23, 2024Alfalfa Can Be Grazed Safely: Things to Think About Before Turning Cows Out on High-Legume Pastures Continue de Lire
  • Mai 21, 2024Choosing Forage Varieties Without Getting Lost in the Weeds 🎙️Continue de Lire
  • Mai 16, 2024The Results Are In on Beef-Related Research ProjectsContinue de Lire
  • Mai 14, 2024Where there are cattle, there are parasites: Nine tips for managing parasites in your herd  🎙️Continue de Lire
  • Mai 2, 2024The Best Offense is Defense: 15 Plays to Keep Your Beef Herd Safe [fr]Continue de Lire
  • Avril 25, 2024The Results Are In on Beef Cattle Research ProjectsContinue de Lire
  • Avril 23, 2024Passing the Torch Successfully 🎙️Continue de Lire
  • Avril 9, 2024How to Rebound from High Open Rates🎙️Continue de Lire
  • Mars 19, 2024BCRC’s Producer Survey Helps Check-Off Dollars Go Further and Supports Consumer Confidence 🎙️Continue de Lire
  • Mars 14, 2024Cow-Calf Producers, Your Perspective Ought To Be HeardContinue de Lire
  • Mars 12, 2024Applications Now Open for the 2024-25 BCRC Beef Researcher Mentorship ProgramContinue de Lire
  • Mars 7, 2024Calf 911 – How To Evaluate Newborn Calves Using the Calf VIGOR Scoring System ▶️Continue de Lire
  • Mars 7, 2024Calf 911 – How to Spot Respiratory Acidosis in a Newborn Calf ▶️Continue de Lire
  • Mars 5, 2024Now Accepting Nominations – Award For Outstanding Research and InnovationContinue de Lire
  • Février 29, 2024Risks and Prevention Strategies for Foot and Mouth Disease in Canadian Cattle – Visit the New Webpage Continue de Lire
  • Février 28, 2024When Do I Turn Out My Cows? Managing Spring Pastures During and After Drought Continue de Lire
  • Février 26, 2024Attention Institutions: BCRC Call for Expressions of Interest for Research CapacityContinue de Lire
  • Février 22, 2024Considerations When Using Alternative Feeds – Have You Done Your Homework?  Continue de Lire
  • Février 20, 2024An Ounce of Prevention 🎙️Continue de Lire
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