Today is Canada’s Agriculture Day

Let’s celebrate the food we love and those who produce it!

As a Canadian beef producer, today is an excellent opportunity to share how you work hard to responsibly produce a quality product for your family and families all across Canada.

Beef producers are able to efficiently produce nutrient rich food that is enjoyed by so many Canadians through the use of science and technologies on farm. For example, in the 1950’s cattle needed to consume 10 pounds of feed in order to gain one pound. Today that ratio is only 6:1 with the use of safe technologies. That means more pounds of beef can be produced from fewer resources.

Many advancements in efficiency, beef quality, animal health and welfare, antimicrobial stewardship, and environmental sustainability are made possible with research, which is funded in part by a portion of the Canada’s Beef Cattle Check-off paid by cattle producers across the country.

Let’s sing the praises of our progressive and practical industry – a global leader in supplying healthy, high quality beef, cattle and genetics.

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