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Forage & Grasslands

Modern Nutrient Management In Forages

April 08, 2015

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- Tracy Herbert, BCRC's Beef Extension Coordinator
- Shabtai Bittman, Ph.D., AAFC Research Scientist, Agassiz, British Columbia

Video Guide:

00:00 - 02:40: Welcome Comments
02:40 - 03:11: Agenda
03:12 - 28:03: Modern Nutrient Management in Forages - Part 1
28:14 - 33:24: Polling the Audience
33:40 - 57:43: Modern Nutrient Management in Forages - Part 2
57:43 - 1:24:52: Questions from the Audience
1:25:14 - 1:27:39: How to Stay Connected with BCRC and Closing Comments

More information about nutrient management in forages: 

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Provincial Environmental Farm Plans 
British Columbia: https://www.bcac.bc.ca/ardcorp/program/environmental-farm-plan-program
Alberta: http://www.albertaefp.com
Saskatchewan: http://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/news-and-media/2015/april/01/online-tool-for-famers-and-ranchers
Manitoba: http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/environment/environmental-farm-plan/
Ontario: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/environment/efp/efp.htm
Prince Edward Island: http://peifa.ca/efp/
Nova Scotia: http://www.nsfa-fane.ca/efp/
New Brunswick: http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/services/services_renderer.201324.Environmentally_Sustainable_Agricultural_Production_Program.html

Cool Forages: Advanced management of temperate forages (book)
Bittman, Hunt

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