Managing a Year-Round Mineral Program That’s Right for You

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  • John McKinnon, Ph.D. – Saskatchewan Beef Industry Chair at the University of Saskatchewan
  • Reynold Bergen, Ph.D., BCRC’s Science Director
  • Tracy Herbert, BCRC’s Beef Extension Coordinator

Video Guide

00:00 – 02:15: Welcome Comments
02:16 – 03:01: Agenda
03:02 – 12:27: Investments in Beef Research in Canada
12:28 – 29:54: Mineral Feeding in a Year Round Program
29:55 – 34:31: Polling the Audience
34:32 – 1:00:28: Understanding your Mineral Tag
1:00:54 – 1:30:12: Questions from the Audience
1:30:12 – 1:32:01: How to Stay Connected with BCRC and Closing Comments

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