The Way You Purchase Antibiotics Is Changing

November 14, 2018 7 PM MST – Click here for the announcement.


  • Reynold Bergen – Beef Cattle Research Council Science Director
  • Melissa Dumont – Executive Director of the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC)
  • Dr. Cody Creelman is a veterinarian and managing partner of Veterinary Agri-Health Services

Video Guide

00:0006:10 : Welcome comments and agenda

08:2614:20 : The way you purchase antibiotics is changing

14:2036:40 : Changes to antibiotic policy: Impact on feed mills and the beef industry

36:4055:02 : Vet client relationships and prescriptions

55:021:08:18 : Question and answer session

1:08:181:10:00 : How to stay connected with the BCRC and closing comments

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