Managing Calves for Improved Productivity and Reduced Antimicrobial Use

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The presenters were:
– Reynold Bergen, Ph.D., BCRC’s Science Director
– Cody Creelman, DVM, Veterinarian at Veterinary Agri-Health Services Ltd. 
– Brenna Grant, Canfax Research Services 

Video Guide:
00:00 – 03:15: Welcome Comments/Agenda
03:16 – 11:42: BCRC and the National Strategy 
11:43 – 24:43: Does Preconditioning Pay
24:44 – 46:26: Managing Calves for Improved Productivity and Reduced Antimicrobial Use 
46:25 – 47:11: Audience Polling 
47:12 – 1:08:01: Questions from the Audience
1:08:01 – 1:10:11: How to Stay Connected with BCRC and Closing Comments

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