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Beef Cattle Research Council - Environment

Retrieved: January 26, 2022 - 04:51 AM

Research on the interface between beef production and the environment in which it is produced is important to providing producers the tools and knowledge they need to be optimal stewards of their land.  Research also demonstrates the environmental benefits of cattle production by measuring its contributions to plant and animal biodiversity, carbon sequestration, reduced soil erosion and watershed protection.  Research in this area also supports the advancement of science-based regulations.

Further research is needed to better understand and demonstrate the positive impacts beef cattle have on the environment and improve management practices, including manure management, to prevent or mitigate the Canadian beef industry’s environmental footprint. See specific research priorities and target outcomes in the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy.

In addition to research outlined below, advancements in feed efficiency and forage and grassland productivity also contribute to environmental sustainability.

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