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Beef Cattle Research Council - Beef Quality

Retrieved: June 26, 2022 - 01:57 PM

The quality of Canadian beef products form the basis of consumer demand and trade and contribute significantly to competitiveness with other beef exporters and other protein sources in the world markets.  Traditionally Canada has successfully produced a youthful, lean, commodity beef product based on a primarily grain-based feedlot production system.  The product responds to a grading system which rewards for these characteristics.  However, both the consuming public and our competitors continue to change and the beef industry recognizes the importance of strengthening our competitive advantages through improving product consistency and continuing to enhance carcass and meat quality.

Further research is needed to continually improve consumer satisfaction with Canadian Beef, and validate the Canadian Beef Advantage relative to international competitors. See specific research priorities and target outcomes in the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy.

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