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Announcing the Launch of BeefResearch.ca

For immediate release
August 8, 2012

Calgary, AB - The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) is pleased to announce the launch of BeefResearch.ca. This new website is a dynamic, central resource for Canadian beef research news and information. Cow-calf producers, feedlots, veterinarians, meat packers, researchers and other industry stakeholders can visit BeefResearch.ca to stay informed of the latest innovations and access the information needed to make informed decisions.

BeefResearch.ca features information on the industry’s research priorities and objectives, background information on research topics, and technical fact sheets on project results. The site also includes the BCRC Blog, where readers will find the latest research findings, learn how research connects to current events, and benefit from commentary and information from researchers and other industry experts. Readers can subscribe to the blog for email updates and join the conversation by posting comments on blog articles.

“BeefResearch.ca is needed to improve extension in the beef industry. By creating a central, national resource, getting research information out to producers and the rest of the industry will be more efficient and effective. The website also demonstrates and promotes the value of beef research and innovation,” said Matt Bowman, Chair of the BCRC and a producer from Thornloe, Ontario.

BeefResearch.ca is a key tool in BCRC’s long-term strategy to improve technology transfer and knowledge dissemination within the Canadian beef cattle industry. The strategy’s mandate is to enable industry uptake of research-supported innovations by supporting and delivering a range of best practice technology transfer mechanisms. The initiative is part of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Beef Cattle Industry Science Cluster.

BeefResearch.ca will continue to develop as a comprehensive resource for beef research information. The BCRC is focused on developing targeted decision tools and other resources for producers interested in modifying their production practices, and for researchers and other extension groups to support their technology transfer and knowledge dissemination efforts. Currently, the website features research project results from studies that were funded by the BCRC. In time, fact sheets on any project related to beef or beef cattle will be posted, regardless of the funder.

“We encourage people to share their feedback with us and comment on the blog articles so that we know what kinds of information people are looking for,” said Bowman. “As time goes on and the website evolves, we’ll be able to deliver the types of information people want in the format they want it so they have the knowledge to do what’s best for their operation.”

The BCRC is Canada’s industry-led funding agency for beef research. The BCRC is funded through a portion of the producer-paid national levy as well as government funding, and is led by a committee of beef producers from across the country. The BCRC’s mandate is to determine research and development priorities for the Canadian beef cattle industry and to administer national check-off funds allocated to research. It operates as a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.

For further information, contact:

Tracy Sakatch
Beef Extension Coordinator
Beef Cattle Research Council
403-275-8558 x 410 | sakatcht [at] cattle [dot] ca

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