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Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) Launches New National Website

News Release
March 28, 2017

vbp logo and textToday the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program officially launches their new website, a single-stop comprehensive resource for all matters related to VBP+. Located at verifiedbeefproductionplus.ca, the new website offering reflects the progression of VBP+ towards national program management and delivery.

The website houses a wealth of information for consumers and retailers and is a great resource for Canadian beef cattle producers. Information on topics such as VBP+ on-line training, the 5 easy steps for getting on the program, as well as detailed information on VBP+ modules for animal care, biosecurity and environmental stewardship are all easily accessed through simplified navigation on the website.

The ‘Producer Resources’ section houses a gold mine of downloads, articles, links, and videos for those wanting to get onto VBP+ or those beef operations already on the program wanting more information.

Enriched features of the website include tools to help VBP+ Registered operations enhance their marketing programs. Under the ‘Registered Producers’ section is the VBP+ Auction Market Cattle Sales Listing. The auction listing is a service for VBP+ Registered operations to list, 3-months in advance, their cattle auction sale date(s), auction market site of sale, the number of head on offer on sale day and cattle descriptions. The listing enables VBP+ Registered operations to showcase the VBP+ attributes of their sale animals as well as promote the selected auction market where sales take place.

In addition, AgriClear, in an agreement with VBP+, has created a Feeder Cattle Listing for those VBP+ Registered operations signed onto the AgriClear platform. The listing includes images and detailed information on VBP+ cattle offered for sale through AgriClear.

Along with pertinent national information for beef cattle producers, consumers and retailers, the website includes specific pages for each region of Canada. These regional pages carry important local information about VBP+ including regional workshops, regional-specific articles and information as well as upcoming events related to VBP+ for the specific province or region.

The website also includes a photo gallery where site visitors can view striking images submitted by VBP+ Registered operations for the purposes of showcasing their farm, ranch, feedlot, cattle, family and more. Credit is provided for submitted imagery.

verifiedbeefproductionplus.ca is the on-line resource for anyone seeking information about VBP+ or aiming to get onto the program. Built with a responsive design feature, the website is easily viewed on various screen sizes. Check it out for yourself on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. We’re eager to hear what you think, just click on the ‘Contact’ button and let us know.

The Beef Cattle Research Council operates VBP+. Funds to develop and deliver VBP+ are provided through the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-off and the AgriMarketing Program under Growing Forward 2, a federal, provincial, territorial initiative.

For more information or questions contact Tracy Herbert at herbertt@beefresearch.ca or call 306-850-5026.

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