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Beef Cattle Research Council - For Media

Retrieved: January 28, 2022 - 08:55 PM

We are pleased to answer media enquiries regarding Canadian beef and beef cattle production, or direct you to the most appropriate spokesperson.

Research-related enquires should be sent to:

Tracy Herbert, Extension and Communications Director
Beef Cattle Research Council
herbertt [at] beefresearch [dot] ca
(306) 850-5026

For a speedy response, please include the topic of the article, a brief summary of the type of questions you’ll be asking, deadline information and contact information.

For radio reporters, we periodically deliver 'BCRC News for Radio', which includes several short (15-45 second) mp3 audio files. To be added to the distribution list, contact herbertt [at] beefresearch [dot] ca.

To stay up to date on latest in Canadian beef research, subscribe to the BCRC blog.

Enquires related to policy or regulation should be directed to:

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
(403) 275-8558
feedback [at] cattle [dot] ca

Enquires related to production statistics should be directed to:

(403) 275-5110
info [at] canfax [dot] ca

Enquires related to promotion of Canadian beef products should be directed to:

Canada Beef Inc.
(403) 275-5890
info [at] canadabeef [dot] ca

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