“Cows on the Planet” Podcast: Sharing Science-Based Information About the Canadian Beef Industry

Project Title

The Big Beef Podcast


Kim Stanford – University of Lethbridge kim.stanford@uleth.ca

Tim McAllister, PhD – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge; David Hill – University of Lethbridge; Kim Ominski, PhD – University of Manitoba

Status Project Code
In progress. Results expected in March, 2023 KTT.02.20


Agricultural podcasts are not new. However, many previous broadcasts and podcasts have targeted specific groups within the agricultural community. This podcast series is different, targeting Canadian consumers to present a balanced, science-based perspective on Canadian beef production practices and review claims that animal agriculture is the leading cause of negative impacts on our world including global warming, water depletion, deforestation, and species extinction. The ‘Cows on the Planet’ podcast will blend interviews with scientists and other subject experts through the lens of science and history and will feature no-holds barred commentary on inaccurate or biased science. Currently there are no other podcasts occupying this niche.


  • Through a series of podcasts, this project will share science-based information about the beef industry to Canadians with an interest in their food who are also interested in more information about beef and beef production. 
  • These podcasts will highlight a number of practices and technologies used by the beef industry and also discuss technologies used by competitors of the beef industry such as plant-based meat substitutes and lab-grown meat. 

What they will do

Activities will include:

  • Interviewing scientists, beef producers, other members of the beef industry, and subject experts to present factual, easily understood, balanced and entertaining information to Canadian consumers.
  • Releasing this information in a series of professionally produced podcasts, targeting production of 36 podcasts over a 21-month period.
  • Developing an expanding social-media profile for the podcasts by releasing information on upcoming podcasts on Twitter and other platforms and by tapping into social media followings of interviewees and project collaborators.
  • Providing trusted information to help balance the messaging on beef production systems. This information will be further disseminated in the form of fact sheets.  


The podcasts will provide a balanced perspective on issues important to the beef industry with a focus on sharing science-based information to increase public confidence in Canadian beef production practices and consumption of Canadian beef.

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