Cow-Calf Record-Keeping Courses

Designed for beef producers working to strengthen their farm record-keeping and analysis skills for profitable decisions, these free courses deliver valuable information to your inbox in digestible bites every few days.

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cow-calf record-keeping course animal health & performance

Animal Health & Performance Records

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  • Evaluate your record-keeping systems while exploring the GOLD Standards of animal health records, body condition scoring, calving distribution, cow-to-bull ratio and more. 
Cow-Calf Record-Keeping Course for Forage & Grasslands

Forage & Grasslands Records

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  • Get started developing a grazing plan as you assess rangeland health, forage crop production records, feed inventory and feed testing, and calculate livestock forage demand and carrying capacity.  

Records for Tracking Genetic Improvements

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  • Explore records that help with herd decisions such as selecting replacement heifers and bulls and making culling decisions.

Farm Financial Records

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