Andrea Brocklebank, M.Sc., P.Ag.

Executive Director

BCRC Executive Director Andrea Brocklebank, M.Sc., P.Ag.

Role: Andrea Brocklebank works collaboratively with the industry to oversee the delivery of a research program through the BCRC and Beef Science Cluster that funds research projects in areas of importance to the Canadian beef industry. She oversees the development and implementation of research programming, administration of funding granted by the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off and the Beef Science Cluster, the delivery of extension activities, and Verified Beef Production Plus.  

Andrea is also responsible for leading the development and implementation of the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy and advancing collaborative funding partnerships aligned with the strategy.  

Background: Andrea completed a B.A. in Agricultural Studies at the University of Lethbridge and M.Sc. of Agricultural Economics at the University of Saskatchewan. She was raised on a farm in southern Alberta and prior to working with the CCA, worked within the Canadian cattle feeding sector and in agriculture finance and lending.

O: (403) 451-0926

Reynold Bergen, Ph.D.

Science Director

BCRC Science Director, Reynold Bergen, PhD

Role: Dr. Reynold Bergen provides scientific and industry expertise to the BCRC and Beef Science Cluster, working with industry to identify research priorities, review research proposals and scientific reports, and engaging with industry and research experts on an ongoing basis. Reynold also works to gather and provide relevant research-based information for industry, public and government communications on specific issues.

Background: Reynold received a B.S.A and M.Sc. in Animal Science from the University of Saskatchewan, and Ph.D. from the University of Guelph. Reynold has worked as a technician, research associate and post‐doctoral fellow at the universities of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Guelph, and AAFC Lethbridge in areas ranging from live‐animal carcass evaluation of beef cattle, cold‐weather physiology of ruminants, genetics, and feeding behavior, in addition to work in technology transfer and extension with both government and private industry.

O: (403) 451-1180

Cassidy Klima, Ph.D.

Technical Director

BCRC Technical Director Cassidy Killma, PhD

Role: Dr. Cassidy Klima supports the development and advancement of research and technical analysis related to beef quality, food safety, animal health and technical barriers to trade. The technical director role is a shared position between the BCRC and the Canadian Cattle Association Policy Division. 

Background: Cassidy received a M.Sc. from the University of Lethbridge in 2010 and Ph.D. from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at University of Saskatchewan in 2015. Cassidy participated in two Postdoctoral assignments that focused on further characterizing the genetic basis and mobility of antimicrobial resistance elements present in livestock operations. In addition to her academic works, she also participated in research that spanned a wide range of production concerns including animal health, methane emissions, nutrition, and performance enhancing technologies.    

O: (403) 295-5587

Tracy Herbert  

Extension and Communications Director

BCRC Extension and Communications Director Tracy Herbert

Role: Tracy Herbert oversees the development, maintenance and utilization of various research extension tools, including, with a focus on accelerating the adoption of innovations related to production efficiencies, animal health, and food safety and quality to cattle producers and other industry stakeholders. To maximize investments in research, she led the development of the Canadian Beef Technology Transfer Network, which works to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of technology transfer in the Canadian beef industry through greater collaboration and empowerment of technology transfer agents, and direct engagement of researchers with industry.

Background: Tracy received a B.A. in Communications Studies and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Calgary. Her family operates a mixed farm in West Central Saskatchewan.

O: (306) 850-5026

Stacey Domolewski, M.Sc.

Research and Innovation Coordinator

Role: Stacey Domolewski assists with the review of research proposals and scientific reports, and the gathering of relevant research-based information for various audiences. Stacey’s primary areas of focus include feed, forage, and the environment. Stacey also helps to inform the development, maintenance and utilization of various extension resources on   

Background:  Stacey received a Master’s of Science at the University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources. Stacey works remotely from her farm in southwestern Saskatchewan. She is a past graduate of the Canadian Cattle Young Leaders program. 

O: (403) 295-5582

Ellen Crane, M.Sc.

Extension Coordinator

BCRC Extension Coordinator Ellen Crane, M.Sc.

Role: Ellen Crane helps coordinate the development, maintenance and utilization of various extension resources, including the BCRC’s webinars, blog articles, and other content on 

Background: Ellen received a Master’s of Science in Animal Science at Dalhousie University. She is a graduate of the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Program, and a 2018 Nuffield Scholar. Her family raises cattle on Prince Edward Island.

On Leave (please contact Kristin Thompson)

Kristin Thompson, M.Sc.

Interim Extension Coordinator

Role: Kristin Thompson helps coordinate the development, maintenance and utilization of various extension resources, including the BCRC’s webinars, blog articles, and other content on 

Background: Kristin received a Master’s of Science in Animal Science, focused on beef cattle nutrition and genetics, from the University of Saskatchewan. She has worked the past number of years in the feed industry, specializing in beef and dairy cattle nutrition. She and her family are currently establishing their own farm operation in central Saskatchewan.


Sydney Fortier, M.Sc.

Research and Innovation Coordinator 

BCRC Research and Innovation Coordinator Sydney Fortier

Role: Sydney Fortier assists with the review of research proposals and scientific reports, oversees the Proof-of-Concept research call and the gathers relevant research-based information for various audiences. To ensure producers have access to current research information, she develops factsheets that summarize projects funded through the BCRC. She helps coordinate various extension resources, including the BCRC’s webinars and other content on, and manages the BCRC’s Beef Researcher Mentorship Program.

Background: Sydney received a Master’s of Science at the University of Manitoba with a thesis focused on the environmental impacts of natural vs conventionally raised beef. 

O: (403) 295-5576

Leah Rodvang

Interim Operations Manager

BCRC Interim Operations Manager Leah Rodvang

Role: Leah Rodvang supports the development and implementation of the BCRC’s business planning and budgetary processes, project selection and management and results reporting. She also assists with board and stakeholder engagement.

Background: Leah was raised on a cow-calf and backgrounding operation in rural Alberta. She pursued her love of agriculture with a degree in range and pasture management at the University of Alberta. In 2016, Leah moved to Manitoba to take a position as a research technician at Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives. In 2022-23, Leah served as the Manitoba delegate to the Canadian Cattle Youth Council. 

O: (403) 295-5591

Charlotte Quickel

Operations Manager

BCRC Operations Manager Charlotte Quickel

Role: Charlotte Quickel supports the development and implementation of BCRC’s business planning and budgetary processes, project selection and management, results reporting, and assists with board and stakeholder engagement.

Background: Charlotte grew up in St. Mary’s, Ontario and attended the University of Guelph for her bachelor’s degree in animal biology. She has a diverse livestock background that includes working in beef and dairy cattle research at the University of Calgary and Feedlot Health Management Services as well as working in the AI breeding program at the Livestock Improvement Corporation in New Zealand. 

On Leave (please contact Leah Rodvang)

Gloria Jewison

Financial and Business Administrator

BCRC Financial and Business Administrator Gloria Jewison

Role: Gloria Jewison assists with management and oversight of BCRC annual business planning, results reporting process, accounts, and financial reporting and filing of AAFC claims. She also provides research project administration, including development of funding contracts and financial reports, and Cluster administration, including application development, proposal review (financial and workplans), budget development, and contract development.

Background: Gloria graduated with a degree in Agriculture Economics from the University of Saskatchewan. Raised on a mixed grain and beef cattle farm in west central Saskatchewan, Gloria has worked in the beef industry for the past three decades. 

O: (403) 277-1090

Linda Wakeling

Administrative Assistant

Role: As the CCA Administrative Assistant, Linda Wakeling provides administrative support to the BCRC and Verified Beef Production (VBP) divisions. Linda coordinates and administers committee meetings, account tracking, and various projects including coordinating materials for proposals and final submissions.

O: (403) 451-0934

Tara Mulhurn Davidson

Extension Specialist

Tara Mulhern Davidson, BCRC Extension Specialist

Role: Tara Mulhern Davidson works part-time to help inform and coordinate the development and refinement of various BCRC extension resources, including webpages, articles, newsletters, infographics, interactive tools and calculators. 

Background: Tara is a rancher and communications professional specializing in beef, forage and grasslands based out of Ponteix, SK. She operates a large purebred and commercial cow-calf farm with her family and has a special interest in forage management and prairie conservation. She has experience working within federal and provincial public service, the non-profit sector and many diverse industry stakeholder groups.  


Dana Parker, RVT

Veterinary Collaboration Specialist

Dana Parker, RVT, BCRC Veterinary Collaboration Specialist

Role: Dana Parker works part-time fostering relationships with veterinary teams and their beef clients to build awareness of the BCRC’s current information and tools and to collaborate in the development of future resources to improve herd health and profitability. 

Background: Dana was born and raised on a fifth-generation cattle operation in central Alberta. She earned a diploma in Animal Health Technology from Lakeland College. With nearly 20 years of practicing as a registered veterinary technologist (RVT) in mixed animal hospitals, she now enjoys animal health consulting while grain farming with her husband and his parents in central Alberta.  


Laura Monchuk

Communications Specialist

Laura Monchuk, BCRC Communications Specialist

Role:  Laura Monchuk works part-time to help create, distribute and refine BCRC communications through our various channels utilizing her knowledge and skills in writing, editing and graphic design. 

Background: Laura grew up on a beef cattle ranch in Oklahoma. She obtained a B.A. in Journalism and Broadcasting from Oklahoma State University and is a graduate of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program. She served as director of communications for a U.S. farm organization at both state and national levels and has provided communications assistance to a wide variety of clients across Canada and the United States. Her family operates a mixed farm in east-central Saskatchewan.