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Beef Cattle Research Council - Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy

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Having recognized the need to review the beef research situation in Canada and develop a framework to coordinate beef research priorities, funding and technology transfer nationally, the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) and the national Beef Value Chain Roundtable (BVCRT) initiated a comprehensive process in 2008 to develop a national beef research strategy.

The inaugural National Beef Research Strategy was released in 2012.  It was successful in improving collaboration among funding bodies and improved efficiencies in funding research of priority to the industry.

The BCRC and BVCRT began a strategy renewal in 2016 and published The Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy 2018-2023 in December 2016.

Like the first Strategy, the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy 2018-2023 is intended to:

  • Ensure all of industry’s research priorities are adequately addressed to support the industry’s three core research objectives:
    • to enhance industry sustainability and improve production efficiencies,
    • to improve consumer confidence and beef demand, and
    • to improve public confidence in Canadian beef.
  • Strengthen future funding requests from industry to federal and provincial governments
  • Maximize the value of all investments in research within the Canadian beef cattle industry

The Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy 2018 - 2023 was developed with input from researchers, funders and grassroots producers through various means including direct consultation, an online survey, and two workshops.

The Strategy is a dynamic document intended to continue to evolve based on stakeholder feedback and ongoing review as research outcomes are achieved and new outcomes arise.  Feedback on the Strategy and its outcomes is welcome at any time. Contact us at


Core Areas of Focus Moving Forward

  1. BCRC to continue to oversee the National Research Inventory - Acting as a custodian of beef research funding portfolios, decisions, and other relevant information
  2. Continue to deliver a robust priority setting process that identifies specific national research outcomes on a 5-year basis
  3. Maintain commitment from funders to various outcomes in the strategy to ensure high priorities are not overlooked
  4. Continue to explore additional mechanisms to coordinate funding processes
  5. Continue to explore opportunities to enhance technology transfer industry-wide

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