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Beef Cattle Research Council - Webinar

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Animal Health & Welfare

Veterinary insights from across Canada

January 16, 2020

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A panel of veterinarians from across Canada discuss some of the most common issues they see and answer your questions.

This webinar was held January 16, 2020 from 7-8:00pm MST. Find more information about this topic and other BCRC webinars at

The presenters were:

Werner Debertin, DVM - NB Provincial Veterinary Services

Jenna Funk, DVM, Metzger Veterinary Services

Mike Jelinski, DVM, Veterinary Agri-Health Services Ltd.

Video Guide:

00:00 - 04:00 : Welcome comments and agenda

04:41 - 21:00 : Blackleg, tetanus and white muscle disease: Werner Debertin, DVM

22:00 - 38:11 : Digital Dermatitis in Feedlot Cattle: Jenna Funk, DVM

38:15 - 56:30 : Toe Tip Necrosis Syndrome in Feedlot Cattle: Mike Jelinski, DVM

57:00 - 1:09:00 : Question and Answer period

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