1. 2016 BCRC Annual Report (PDF) Released January 2017
  2. 2018-2023 Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy- Released December 2016
    1. Full Document (PDF)
    2. 6-page Overview (PDF)
  3. 2015–2016 Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development & Promotion Agency Annual Report (PDF) Released August 2016
  4. 2015-16 BCRC Results Report (PDF) Released May 2016
  5. 2016 National Beef Antimicrobial Research Strategy (PDF) Released May 2016
  6. 2016-17 BCRC Business Plan (PDF) Released April 2016
  7. Animal Health and Welfare Priority Area Review (PDF | 955KB) Released March 2016
  8. 2015 BCRC Annual Report (PDF) Released January 2016
  9. 2014-15 BCRC Results Report (PDF) Released June 2015
  10. 2014 BCRC Annual Report (PDF) Released January 2015
  11. Forage & Grassland Productivity Priority Area Review (PDF) Released December 2014.
  12. Research funded by the Beef Cattle Industry Science Cluster under Growing Forward 2 (PDF) Released February 2014
  13. a) BCRC (2009-2013) Results Report (PDF) Released February 2014
    b) BCRC (2009-2013) Results Report - Chairman’s Message and Executive Summary only (PDF) (8 pages) Released February 2014
  14. 2013-14 BCRC Business Plan (PDF)
  15. 2013 BCRC Annual Report (PDF)
  16. National Beef Research Strategy June 2012 (PDF)
  17. Value of Research in the Canadian Beef Industry (2012) (PDF)
    A two-page summary about the BCRC, its initiatives, and the resulting impact on the industry.
  18. a) A Historical Evaluation of Research Indicators in BCRC Priority Areas April 2012 (PDF)
    b) Two Page Summary (PDF)
    The BCRC is focused on defining research indicators that can be monitored on an ongoing basis to evaluate the contribution of research to the beef cattle industry in Canada. As part of this, it is important to understand the historical contributions of research and the value of continued investments in research.
  19. 2011 Review of Canada’s Beef Cattle Industry Science Cluster (PDF)
  20. BCRC Research Priorities 2012 (PDF)
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