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What are the nutritional benefits of Canadian beef?

Project Code: BQU.02.18
Completed: In Progress. Results expected in April 2020.

Project Title:

Nutrient density and nutritional value of Canadian beef products


Bohrer, Benjamin (University of Guelph)


Although beef is often portrayed as an unhealthy choice for consumers, beef protein contains all the essential amino acids, in the proper ratios that humans need, as well as vitamin B12 (which is only found in anima products) and high levels of digestible and absorbable iron. These nutritional attributes are particularly important for the very young (who are still developing and growing rapidly) and the elderly (who often eat less and need to eat nutrient dense diets). 


To investigate the nutrient density (using the Canadian Nutrient File database) and cost of nutrients (using Canadian retail prices) for meat products and plant-based protein foods

What they will do:

This researcher will use the publicly available Canadian Nutrient Files to do a comprehensive review of the nutrient content of 15 or more beef cuts to 15 other meat / seafood and 20 or more different plant proteins, and their relative nutrient costs (based on prices from 5 different stores over a 5-month period) as well as nutrient levels per calorie.


Having updated, current information on the nutrient composition of Canadian beef compared to other animal and plant proteins will help groups like Canada Beef develop effective tools to communicate with consumers and policymakers.

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