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Ongoing Call for Technical Reviewers

July 2019 – Remains open until further notice

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) is Canada’s industry-led funding agency for beef, cattle and forage research. Its mandate is to determine research and development priorities for the Canadian beef cattle industry and to administer the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off funds allocated to research. Research is key to driving competitiveness and innovation in the Canadian beef cattle industry and BCRC is committed to delivering and supporting initiatives that effectively accelerate the development and uptake of research findings and outcomes by industry.

The BCRC is seeking technical reviewers who have significant research and/or technical experience in any of the below fields of research.

  • Beef quality
  • Food safety
  • Beef cattle reproduction, health and welfare
  • Beef cattle breeding and genetics
  • Antimicrobial resistance and use
  • Forage and grassland breeding, agronomy, forage and grazing management, and nutrition and productivity of cow-calf, backgrounding and/or grass cattle
  • Feed grain breeding, agronomy, and production, feed processing, nutritional management and feedlot nutrition and feed efficiency
  • Environmental sustainability

Technical reviewers will perform the following duties for the BCRC:

  • Review of annual and final research reports for projects that are funded by the BCRC in their area of expertise; engaging with researchers as necessary to seek clarification or provide feedback and providing recommendation of approval of reports to BCRC
  • Support knowledge and technology transfer efforts related to specific projects or fields of research (i.e. drafting factsheets, topic pages, etc.)

Location: Flexible

Status: Contract position. Time allocations to be defined on an as-needed basis according to BCRC’s project inventory.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Applicable graduate degree in agriculture and/or science
  • Significant (> 10 years) research and/or technical experience in a one or more of the fields of research identified above;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with attention to detail
  • Must not be a lead investigator/collaborator on any current (in progress) projects funded by the BCRC or intend to be a lead investigator/collaborator on future funding applications to the BCRC
  • Preference will be given to individuals who have past experience in managing agricultural research programs

Compensation: Negotiable, with the expectation that compensation will be based on the number of annual and final reports reviewed within a specified time period.

If you are interested in becoming a technical reviewer for the BCRC please submit your cover letter and resume to: Andrea Brocklebank, Executive Director at


There are currently no job openings. Please check back. 

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